7 Reasons why you should back up your Microsoft 365 data

7 Reasons why you should back up your Microsoft 365 data

Microsoft 365 is being used by more and more organisations for email, data storage, and productivity tools, but this may lead customers to believe that their data is more secure than it actually is. Having a backup in place is a good way to ensure client satisfaction and the safety of their data.

You might be wondering when you read this, “doesn’t Microsoft take care of Microsoft 365 backup?”

Keep in mind that when you use a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform like Microsoft 365, the provider oversees maintaining both the applications and the servers that run them.

Microsoft’s Shared Responsibility Model emphasizes that customers bear primary responsibility for managing and protecting their organization’s critical business data.

Although several of Microsoft 365’s native capabilities function similarly to backups, none of them actually are. The standard definition of a backup is an offsite copy of data that can be readily restored in the event of a disaster.


Here are some valid reasons why you should back your Microsoft 365:

1. Accidental deletion
The number one reason for data loss in Microsoft 365 is accidental deletion. Whether you want to or not, once you delete a user, their deletion will be reflected everywhere in the system. This person’s data might be restored to either on-premises Exchange or Microsoft 365 if a backup existed.

2. Retention policy gaps and confusion
Microsoft 365’s retention policies are not backups, but rather a tool to help businesses comply with rules on how long they are legally or ethically required to keep certain types of data. The problem is that retention rules are complicated to keep track of, much alone maintain, so you shouldn’t count on them even if you don’t have a backup. When you have a backup, your data is safe and secure and can be recovered quickly and easily should you ever need it.

3. Internal security threats
Threats to an organization’s internal security are often overlooked in favour of focusing on preventing harm from without. However, internal risks are a common problem for many companies and occur more frequently than you may expect. The potential for serious data loss can be reduced with a reliable recovery system in place.

4. External security threats
As ransomware evolves, attackers discover new ways to trick people into clicking links that encrypt all of an organization’s data and demand a ransom in exchange for decrypting it. A backup can be used to quickly restore data to its pre-attack state.

5. Legal and compliance requirements
Microsoft 365 includes eDiscovery tools, but a third-party backup solution is designed to make it simple to find specific files in a backup and restore them fast to fulfil legal and compliance requirements.

6. Managing hybrid email deployments and migrations to Microsoft 365
Whether you’re making the switch to Microsoft 365 or using a hybrid, users of Exchange and Microsoft 365 should handle and safeguard exchange data in the same way, regardless of where the data originated.

7. Teams’ data structure
The backend of Microsoft Teams is a lot more involved than people think. Teams is not a standalone programme; rather, it relies on other services, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive, to store its data. Given this heightened degree of difficulty, it is more important than ever to take precautions to safeguard sensitive information.

Cloud backup storage is not always included in the pricing of third-party backup products.

Try to find a service that provides cloud storage for a set monthly fee per user.

Don’t take a chance – get an affordable backup for Microsoft 365 data. We can assist with all the above issues (and more):

  • Keep data for seven years to aid with compliance, data retention, accidental deletion, and both internal and external threats
  • Have control over data retention and recoverability with your own backups available at any time
  • Data stored in the country in which you operate
  • Provide a cost-effective service with a lower cost per seat than competing solutions (and cloud storage included in the base price)

Business Technology recommends Cove backup for Microsoft 365, which addresses the issues we mention above.

If you would like to learn more about Business Technology and how we can help to make sure your data backed up, please click through for more details on our team and our services or give us a call on 021 531 5180.

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