We have stayed connected, despite load shedding

We have stayed connected, despite load shedding

Your WiFi router, like any other household appliance, will shut down as soon as load shedding begins and the electricity is cut off. This means that you won’t be able to use your Wifi to connect to the internet.

For the foreseeable future, South Africa will be plagued with the inconvenience of load shedding. Fast and dependable fibre internet is a requirement for so many of our daily activities for our team spread across South Africa.

As a result, purchasing backup power systems like uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), is a smart move.

We, therefore, decided to go for the Gizzu UPSs for our team who permanently work from home. With the onset of load shedding, we realised that—as long as their laptop batteries lasted—we could keep our team up and running. If the Fibre ONT (the device the Fibre company installs in your home that connects to your router) and Router were powered during load shedding we can keep our service standard to our clients at maximum levels.

We purchased units for the team and everyone installed their own – the great part is that you plug it in once and leave it there.

The previous model had a split cable which could be a bit awkward at times,  but the Gizzu 30W 32Wh 8800mAh Mini DC UPS that we are now using has two separate cables that make installation as easy as child’s play.

We have had a few small challenges though. For example; when the Fibre company has installed their device in the garage and the fibre router sits elsewhere. Unfortunately in those cases, there was no option other than to supply two UPSs.

So after overcoming a few initial challenges with an extra UPS here and there—which still comes at a minimal cost in comparison to alternative power supplies, like battery packs and inverters—we are happy to say that load shedding has little to no effect on our productivity and ability to continue serving our clients.

The Gizzu UPS is simple to set up, and once it detects that the power supply has been interrupted, the majority of its versions quickly begin providing backup power.

If you too are concerned about losing valuable time, money and damage caused to your equipment, you can easily resolve this issue with this simple yet cost-effective little UPS.

We have successfully circumnavigated load shedding challenges for our Business Technology team and have also helped our clients avoid the stress and loss of downtime – we can help you too. Now just to sort out the coffee machine’s power supply…

For further information, please give us a call on 021 531 5180 for further details.

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