Password management tools – what to look for

Password management tools – what to look for

Our previous article explored the benefits of revisiting the password protocols used in your business, this time we look at password management.

More and more, our work and home lives happen online.  And with that comes the reality of more and more passwords to remember.  That’s where the inevitable ‘human’ challenge lies.

Why should your business use a Password Manager?

A significant number of data breaches are caused each year by weak, reused, or stolen passwords.

Password managers help you to generate strong passwords. They give you confidence that your passwords will be stored securely. And, most importantly, that you’ll be able to access them when you need them, from wherever you are.

Password Managers don’t store your Master Password that is required to access your data – making it just that much harder to hack.

What should you look for in a Password Manager?

There are several Password Management solutions available.  While there may be requirements unique to your business, here are a few of the more common things to look for when considering your options:

  • The strength of the password generator
  • Protection from outside threats
  • Accessibility from different devices
  • Autofill options
  • Ability to share passwords simply and safely
  • Random or scheduled password updates
  • Centralised management and oversight
  • Cost

For the uptake of any business process or application, the key is to reduce user friction.  The same is true for password management – so in addition to the list above, make sure it’s easy to use, without compromising security.

What do we recommend?

Firstly, we recommend that you look for a solution that fits your business requirements best and we’d be happy to help you find that solution.

Secondly, we recommend that if you don’t have a solution in place, that you get one.  Any solution is better than no solution in terms of password management.

To get you started, have a look at the topline comparison of LastPass and 1Password done by – two solutions that we’ve found often fit the bill.

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