IT Transformation vs Digital Transformation – what’s the difference?

IT Transformation vs Digital Transformation – what’s the difference?

IT and Digital transformation are terms that are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference that’s worth understanding.

IT transformation

IT transformation is about having a clear vision of the future state of your IT and then overhauling your complete IT system to improve the efficiency and agility of your business. Included in this would be network infrastructure, hardware components, software applications, IT service management, data storage and accessibility.  A successful transformation should deliver both financial and strategic benefits to your business.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation requires you to have the customer at the centre of your thinking when you review HOW you do business at every touchpoint within your organisation. It’s about how you operate and deliver value to your customers. It’s about your people, processes, products, and culture. It’s about doing business where your customer chooses to do business in a manner that they consider easy, efficient, and rewarding. And it should deliver benefits to your organisation which could include improved customer experience, better decision making, increased productivity or opportunities for growth and profitability.

IT transformation is a prerequisite for Digital transformation.

Beyond digital transformation

There is an argument that ‘digital’ is so pervasive, that the word itself has become superfluous. Today, should it not just be about business transformation? We Are Citizen Advice in the UK went as far as replacing their Chief Digital Officer with a Director of Customer Journey. Read more about their take on it and possibly some food for thought.

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