Aligning your IT Strategy with your Business Strategy

Aligning your IT Strategy with your Business Strategy

Aligning your IT strategy with your business strategy – a task that seems so obvious but one that can keep us lying awake at night.


The task can feel overwhelming


With the rapid pace of digital technologies and transformation, the pressure is on, not only to align the strategies, but for your IT strategy to deliver both synergies and multiplier effects that will significantly impact your business strategy and performance.  Your IT strategy needs to be informed by your business vision, mission, and business objectives, but your business also needs to be able to identify new opportunities and capabilities uncovered in your IT transformation and agile enough to feed these back into the overall business strategy, continuously looping towards a better business.

With IT strategy, just like other business initiatives, it’s imperative to include all the relevant stakeholders at all levels within the organization. Keep the communication channels open.  Educate and train.  Measure and adjust. And make adoption of your strategy easy for everyone to ensure compliance and success.


6 steps to aligning your IT strategy with your business strategy


The CIO’s Guide to Aligning IT Strategy with the Business, written by IDC in 2019 gives some really valuable guidelines and insights into Approach, Key Activities and Key Questions to consider at every step of the way when devising your IT strategy.

While every business is different, this robust approach is worth exploring:

  1. Lay the groundwork for new IT strategy development
  2. Determine Key Business Drivers and Forces
  3. Assess Current State of the Enterprise, IT, and Business Ecosystem
  4. Define the Future State and Key Initiatives
  5. Determine Metrics and KPI Success Measures
  6. Package and Communicate the IT Strategy


Need a partner to make it happen?


No-one knows your business better than you. But sometimes there can be benefits to outsourcing, even if it’s a starting point you’re looking for with an objective view of your current IT infrastructure.

Chat to us if you need a partner who can audit your current IT infrastructure, who can advise on aspects of your network, hardware components, software applications, IT service management, data storage, cloud migration, cyber security, connectivity, or accessibility. A partner that understands the complexities of running a business.

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Doing business better. Together.


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